The Neighborhood

Montavilla, Portland, Oregon, USA

Welcome to Montavilla! Yes, it’s prounced “monta-villa” which rhymes with “zilla”. Montavilla is a syllabalic abreviation of Mt. Tabor Village.

The name “Montavilla” originated from the abbreviations used on the streetcar destination signs when streetcars served the area starting in 1892. The name was first abbreviated as “Mt. Ta. Villa”, then later as “Monta.Villa”. Residents soon adopted the latter name for the neighborhood, written as Montavilla. Streetcar service to Montavilla ended in 1948 (from Wikipedia, read more).

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This East Portland district features family-friendly shops, tasty treats and a historic movie theater.

Where to Drink and Dine in Historic Montavilla

Montavilla Neighborhood Association

Community & Civic Life



Board of Directors

Neil Mattson—Executive Director
Ryan Meagher—Programming Director
Aaron Hayman—Art Director
Nancy Mitchell—Secretary
Steve Mitchell—Treasurer
Kim Harrison—At Large Director

Resource Council

Hobie Bender—Bipartisan Cafe
Stephen E. Blackman—Brownstein Rask
Donna Cruz-Moreno—PROWUS

Lynn Darroch—PJCE
Deborah DeMoss Smith—KMHD
Douglas Detrick—PJCE
Todd Dennis—East Glisan Pizza Lounge
Pete Emerson—Bipartisan Cafe
Darrell Grant—Portland State University
Fritz Hirsch—MJF founder
Marcia Hocker
Don Lucoff—DL Music Media
Pancho Savery—Reed College
George Thorn—RACC

Support Team

Kim Gumble—communications
Jeremy Reynolds—volunteers
Amy Theberge—events
Mary-Sue Tobin—jazz artist-in-residence
Jeffrey Chilton—MTMS Jazz Band


David Biggs—lighting
Rick Gordon—sound engineer
David Kays—main stage manager
George Manley—front of house manager
Ryuu Joy—student stage manager


Steven Cantor
Marcia Hocker
S. Renee Mitchell
Deborah DeMoss Smith


Tina Granzo—webmaster
Kristin Thiel—editor


Kathryn Elsesser
Aaron Hayman
Diane Russell