James Powers Relativity Ensemble

Sunday, August 21, 2022, 2PM – Portland Metro Arts
James Powers by Douglas Detrick

James Powers Relativity Ensemble

Sunday, August 21, 2022, 2PM – Portland Metro Arts – Ticket $5-20

A genre-bending 13-piece instrumental ensemble, playing new compositions exploring social issues, Identity, science fiction, and modern myth.

Relativity: One thing is often given value by it’s relation to another. With his newest project, trombonist and composer James Powers seeks to bring together the seemingly disconnected and find commonality. Powers is a third generation musician who’s made his home in many styles of music, and has always sought to meld disparate influences together. This project attempts to bridge the gaps between influences like Sun Ra, Shostakovich, and Squarepusher, all being viewed through a modern improvisational, polyrhythmic lens. Joining him will be some of the Portland area’s finest young talent to bring life to compositions exploring social issues, Identity, science fiction and modern myth. In addition to this group, Powers’ playing and compositions can be heard on his record “Damnation of Memory” on PJCE records. He also regularly performs with the Gordon Lee Quintet, the Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble (PJCE), March Fourth, Buddy Jay’s Jamaican Jazz Band, The Frank Irwin Quintet, and with Jet Black Pearl, amongst many other projects.

James Powers in concert

Lineup: Chang Park, trumpet; Sunzen Anderson, French horn; James Powers, trombone; Chris Shuttleworth, tuba; David Floratos, soprano saxophone, clarinet; Reed Wallsmith, alto saxophone, flute; Wyck Malloy, tenor saxophone, flute; Andy Rayborn, baritone sax, bass clarinet; Matt Sazima, keyboards; Ryan Albert Miller, guitar; Garrett Baxter, bass;  Machado Mijiga, drums; Mike Lockwood, drums

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Festival 22

Presented by OnPoint Community Credit Union, Mr. Plywood, and The Skanner News

Friday 8/19

Alan Jones Academy of Music Combo
MJF Student Stage at Vino Veritas – 6:00PM
PJCE’s The Heroine’s Journey
Alberta Rose Theatre – 8:00PM
George Colligan and Jazz Millenium
The 1905 – 11:30PM

Saturday 8/20

Tunnel Six: Columbia River Suite
Portland Metro Arts – 2:00PM
Idit Shner and Mhondoro
Portland Metro Arts – 5:00PM
Portland State University Combo
MJF Student Stage at Vino Veritas – 6:00PM
Rich Halley with Matthew Shipp Trio
Portland Metro Arts – 8:00PM
Barra Brown Quintet
The 1905 – 11:30PM

Sunday 8/21

Augustana Jazz Worship
James Powers: Relativity Ensemble
Portland Metro Arts – 2:00PM
Noah Simpson Quartet
Portland Metro Arts – 5:00PM
Metropolitan Youth Symphony Combo
MJF Student Stage at Vino Veritas – 6:00PM
Kerry Politzer Quintet feat. Alex Norris
Portland Metro Arts – 8:00PM


Chang Park – trumpet
Sunzen Anderson – French horn
James Powers – trombone
Chris Shuttleworth – tuba
David Floratos – soprano saxophone, clarinet
Reed Wallsmith – alto saxophone, flute
Wyck Malloy – tenor saxophone, flute
Andy Rayborn – baritone sax, bass clarinet
Matt Sazima – keyboards
Ryan Albert Miller – guitar
Garrett Baxter – bass
Machado Mijiga – drums
Mike Lockwood – drums