The Montavilla Jazz Festival is pleased to announce that Flying Pie Pizzeria is a festival sponsor of the 2015 festival. We recently spoke with Flying Pie’s owner, Ty Dupuis, about his business, the Montavilla neighborhood, and MJF. This is what we learned:

Flying Pie opened its doors in Montavilla in August of 1984. Back then, the restaurant sat sixty and had a staff of seven – including the two owners and future owner, Ty Dupuis. Though formally trained and educated as an architect, Ty knew that sitting at a desk wasn’t for him, so when the opportunity presented itself he bought Flying Pie in 1999.

Under Ty’s ownership, Flying Pie has grown to include a second dining room, as well as, basement dining. Yet the business practices have remained true, setting Flying Pie apart from other pizzerias. You won’t find a shortage of toppings on your Flying Pie pizza – 40 percent of their cost is on food (compared to 20 percent at most other pizzerias).

Ty grew up in Montavilla, and, then a cafe stood in Flying Pie’s place. He has fond memories of riding his bike through alleys with friends and climbing plum trees to get at the fruit. He remembers shopping for Hanes and Levis at the Montavilla Department Store and visiting the Schwinn store. He describes Montavilla as a place that has everything.

Ty is proud of Montavilla’s business community and, in particular, how the community has revitalized Montavilla without any financial help from PDC (Portland Development Commission). He sees MJF as way to showcase Montavilla and bring people in from surrounding neighborhoods.

Fun fact: Ty won a contest earning him the title of Fastest Pizza Maker in the World (several Flying Pie staff members placed).

7804 SE Stark Street
Portland, OR 97215
Sunday – Thursday: 11am – 10pm
Friday & Saturday: 11am – 11pm
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