The Montavilla Jazz Festival is pleased to announce that Bipartisan Cafe is a festival sponsor for the second year running. MJF recently spoke with owners Hobie Bender and Peter Emerson, this is what we learned:

Hobie and Peter opened Bipartisan Cafe in 2005. They were moved by the immediate support of Montavillans like Jon Keyes, who urged neighbors to visit the cafe every day to ensure that it succeeded.

To say that Hobie and Peter are grateful to the community for the part they play in the cafe’s success would be an understatement. Both seem to glow as they talk about Montavilla and its people, about the compactness and small-town feel of the neighborhood.

Unlike many other cafes, Bipartisan serves a wide range of customers. When the cafe first opened, many patrons were students at the Bible College or the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. The cafe remains a popular spot for pie-lovers both old and young. Children are always welcome at Bipartisan; as are students and telecommuters, who make use of the free wifi.

When asked why they sponsored the jazz festival, Peter said that he wanted to support the community and be in on the project from the beginning. Hobie added that supporting the arts is important to her.

Hobie names festival artist David Friesen as her favorite musician, stating that he seems full of joy when performing. Peter is a fan of Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk, listing Monk’s Dream as one of his favorite albums.

When asked what residents might be surprised to learn about the cafe, Hobie laughs and says that she and Peter were married when they started the business, and that, despite being divorced, they continue to successfully run the business together – making it truly bipartisan.

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