2014 Montavilla Jazz Festival

Montavilla Jazz Festival 2014 – The Inaugural Year

On August 16 and 17, 2014, Portland, Oregon witnessed the creation of a new festival platform for live jazz, in the form of the inaugural Montavilla Jazz Festival (MJF). While Portland boasts multiple other excellent jazz festivals, MJF now occupies a unique niche, focused entirely on showcasing the vibrant new sound of Portland’s originally composed, progressive jazz scene. The festival was curated by the Portland Jazz Composers’ Ensemble and presented by the Montavilla Neighborhood Association with fiscal sponsorship and other support from Southeast Uplift. The festival happened at Post5 Theatre in the Montavilla neighborhood and featured 13 bands; nearly 400 individuals attended.

The Blue Cranes

The Blue Cranes

Saturday’s Headlining Act

David Friesen - Circle 3 Trio

Sunday’s Headlining Act

Participating Artists

George Colligan’s Theoretical Planets


PJCE Core Sextext Featuring Darryl Grant

Alan Jones and the Cavemen

Ryan Meagher

Trio Flux

Rich Halley 4

Kerry Politzer Group

Thomas Barber’s Spiral Road

Optic Nerve Trio

Blake Lyman Quintet

2014 Festival Details

When it Went Down:
August 16-17

Where it Went Down:
Post5 Theatre
Portland, Oregon

Number of Acts: 13

Number of Attendees